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504 Cabriolet Chapron

The 504 convertible “Chapron” is the only Peugeot 504 convertible ever to come out of the workshop of the well-known coachbuilder Henri Chapron. In the last year that this car was still available, an English diplomat in Monaco ordered a new 504 convertible with the order to bring it to Henri Chapron for some special wishes.

The car was painted in two colors, black and brown metallic separated by a golden stripe. The rims were also given this color scheme. A hand-painted family crest was applied to both doors. An accurate work that has stood the test of time well. The interior trim of the doors has been adapted to the new color scheme. The wooden dashboard has the large Jaeger clocks and an extra ceiling lamp has been installed near the rear-view mirror.

The hard-top is also not standard, it comes from the studio of Marc de Coninck. All papers are still present with the car, from request to the last service. Not so special in itself, but the correspondence with Henri Chapron is still special to read. As a car enthusiast, you take a good look at the signature of the master himself. Chapron has become famous with special designs based on Citroën, but it is unique that this Peugeot 504 comes from the bodyshop’s collection.

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