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Modest and groundbreaking

The Peugeot 403 has been a groundbreaking vehicle for Automobiles Peugeot in several aspects. First, the 403 is the first Peugeot designed by Pininfarina and it is also the first Peugeot passenger car to be widely available with a diesel engine. The delivery program of the 403 is limited by current standards. The customer can choose from the 403 Sedan, the 403 Break and the 403 Cabriolet.

After the arrival in 1960 of the Peugeot 404, also designed by Pininfarina, the Peugeot 403 is increasingly becoming the cheaper alternative to the new model. Nevertheless, the car will be built for more than six years. Production of the 403 stopped in October 1966. Ultimately, a total of 1,214,121 units of the different versions of the 403 were built. After the 403, the 404 takes over, two years later the already controversial Peugeot 504 is ready for presentation.

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