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Passion on wheels for Peugeot

In the picturesque Frisian town of Joure there is a treasure trove of historic French automotive splendor. Johan Deinum lives and works on the edge of the city. He is known at Association Peugeot Hollande as a passionate collector and restorer of Peugeot classic cars and everything that goes with it. Throughout his life, Johan has cherished a love for these iconic cars and has not only built up an impressive collection, he has also made his passion his life’s work. Oil has been flowing through Johan’s veins since the 1970s. In his car company Autoservice Deinum he has had classic and modern Peugeots that were lovingly cared for, parked, repaired or restored. Johan Deinum can write a book about everything he has experienced. In any case, it has given him a special collection that can be found behind several garage doors.

Johan started building his collection as a young man. His search for rare and well-maintained Peugeot vintage cars took him to all corners of Europe. From French rural auctions to hidden garages in Belgium. Johan searched every possible place to expand his collection. His drive and determination quickly made him a well-known and respected name within the Peugeot classic car community. It all started with a black Peugeot 203. After years, this car left the family only to return years later. The car is now parked in the showroom. The origin that started it all is back at the nest.

But for Johan, collecting vintage cars was not enough. He soon discovered another passion: restoring these gems to their former glory. With skill and dedication, Johan brought each vehicle back to life, using original parts and perfecting the smallest details. The most special crown piece of Johan’s collection is the Peugeot 302 Darl’Mat. And don’t forget the factory-new 406 CoupĂ©, straight off the production line in Johan’s showroom. And the 505 Dangel and the … But it is not just the cars of Het Merk, but Johan also collected bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles, radios, coffee grinders, miniatures and other collectibles on which the Peugeot lion could be found.

What started as a personal passion quickly grew into Johan’s life’s work. He decided to turn his love for Peugeot vintage cars into a professional business. Johan opened a showroom and workshop in Joure, where he not only exhibited his impressive collection, but also offered services for the restoration and maintenance of Peugeot vintage cars. His showroom quickly became a place of pilgrimage for car enthusiasts and collectors. The latest restoration project is in the same showroom. A 403 Cabriolet from 1959. This car was completely destroyed during a major fire at the previous owner’s home. In the meantime, the convertible has regained its shape and some color on the cheeks. The search for the necessary parts is in full swing. And that will work, because if Johan has something in mind, it will happen. The collection is no longer growing. Better said, almost not anymore. Because during a visit to a French car fair he came across a beautiful 601 pedal car. Of course you don’t leave it in France! The pedal car has been given a nice place in the collection.

Johan Deinum from Joure is more than just a classic car collector. He is a keeper of history, a restorer of rolling historical heritage and a passionate soul whose love for Peugeot vintage cars has shaped a lifetime. His story tells us that when passion and dedication come together they not only change lives, but create lasting contributions for future generations of car enthusiasts.

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