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Peugeot at Le Mans 2022 in LMH class

According to year, the 24 Hours of Le Mans is not to be missed. Peugeot will participate in the new hypercar class of the championship: the LMH class. The hypercar class will enter that race and Peugeot will be there! Because one of the new participants is this Peugeot 9X8 hypercar. It is a hybrid that combines a 2.6-liter V6 with 680 hp with a 292 hp electric motor.

The name 9X8 is easy to decompose. Peugeot has always used the number 9 for the Le Mans racers. The X stands for four-wheel drive and the 8 Peugeot now uses for all models, such as the Peugeot 508 and 208. Peugeot will take two copies of the 9X8 hypercar to Le Mans next year. The brand has been working on the car since September last year and the powertrain is currently undergoing extensive testing on the test bench and the first laps on the circuit have already been completed.

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