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Lions in the bush

In 2003, the exciting Redex Re-Run took place in Australia, an event that brought together vintage car enthusiasts and history buffs. The Redex Re-Run paid homage to the iconic Redex Trials of the 1950s and 1960s, famous for their challenges and harsh conditions for the participating vehicles.

The 2003 edition of the Redex Re-Run was a chance for classic car owners to relive the glorious days of the original Redex Trials. The route included diverse landscapes, from urban areas to remote outback roads, requiring participants to address both technical driving and navigational skills.

The vehicles that took part ranged from beautifully restored classics to original ones that had stood the test of time. The event brought a sense of nostalgia and admiration for the robustness of these vehicles, which faced similar challenges half a century earlier.

The 2003 Redex Re-Run was not only a tribute to Australia’s motorsport history, but also a celebration of the passion of car enthusiasts who keep the legacy of the Redex Trials alive. It offered a unique glimpse into the past and a reminder of how the achievements and determination of these pioneers paved the way for modern motorsport events.

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