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Super fast 60 kilometers per hour

With a garage sale, flea market, classic car festival, youth entertainment and some performances, the Graauw village council brought some excitement to the village last summer. Han and Ineke Willedraadse from Terneuzen enjoy the fun with their classic car. They are only too proud of their Peugeot 177 B Torpedo Commercial from 1923. “With the hood down, we will soon go for a puzzle ride with the more than twenty other ‘oldies’,” says Han. “We have been going out regularly with the Peugeot for four years now. Unfortunately we can’t go too far. For example, we are not allowed to enter the Western Scheldt tunnel. At full throttle we just reach 60 kilometers on the speedometer. Vehicles must be able to drive at least 80 km/h in the tunnel. If not, you will receive a fine of 475 euros. The Oldtimer Festival Axel and these types of smaller gatherings are therefore ideal to visit with the Peugeot. We have already won the first prize in Axel. But also, due to excessive oil consumption, half the square was gassed, as it were.” From PZC 10-07-2022. Photo Anne Hana

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