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A rare sight in Iran

Yasin Shoormeij's Peugeot 504 coupe is a rare sight in Iran. Only a few copies have ever been able to roll their tires on Iranian soil and Yasin's coupe is an exceptionally well-preserved example.The love for Peugeot has passed from…

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Beaux souvenirs

"I discovered a treasure in a forgotten pile in a dusty corner. A stack of photos from our first trip abroad together. A box full of memories from 1971 opens. Hans and Djoska have been driving a Peugeot all their…

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From dream to reality

Israeli businessman Yehuda Elias has two beautiful convertibles in the garage. In the Mediterranean climate of the Israeli coastal city of Herzliya, Yehuda's convertibles feel like a fish in water. The collection includes a black Peugeot 404 convertible from 1966…

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504 Blindata

On the outside, this 504 Coupé seems to have the same elegant appearance as other Coupés, but it soon becomes apparent that we are dealing with a fairly rare version. This exotic is equipped with a V6 injection engine. It…

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504 Cabriolet Chapron

The 504 convertible “Chapron” is the only Peugeot 504 convertible ever to come out of the workshop of the well-known coachbuilder Henri Chapron. In the last year that this car was still available, an English diplomat in Monaco ordered a…

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