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A rare sight in Iran

Yasin Shoormeij’s Peugeot 504 coupe is a rare sight in Iran. Only a few copies have ever been able to roll their tires on Iranian soil and Yasin’s coupe is an exceptionally well-preserved example.

The love for Peugeot has passed from father to son. Yasin’s father also liked Peugeot’s. He was introduced to the 504 coupe at a young age, which has always been a rarity. Working on a 504 coupe is always a challenge in Iran because parts are hardly available. In some cases, parts from other brands have to be used to keep the coupes on the road. So it sometimes happened that the headlights of another brand were placed due to a lack of OEM Peugeot parts.

Yasin: “As a child I dreamed of a coupe, but I had seen the car in a booklet more often than in real life. That changed in 2017. I was able to buy a 504 cut from a couple who had no children. Or actually it is, namely the coupe. The car had been well cared for over the years and had only 130,000 kilometers on the odometer. Fortunately, I was also able to buy their entire collection of rare parts so that I can carry out another thorough restoration. In Iran this is a very rare car and as far as we know there are only three copies left on the road. So I will take good care of this car and pass on the passion for the Peugeot 504 coupe to my son as I received it from my father.”

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