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The Boxer 4×4 loves challenges

Peugeot has a lot of experience when it comes to making special motorhomes. From J7 to the Rifter. But now La Marque comes with a new concept. Peugeot shows with the 4 × 4 Concept what can be done with the Boxer, provided it has the right means.

The Boxer 4 × 4 Concept is ready for adventure. Tires specially developed for off-road driving have been placed under the Boxer, also to help the car off the beaten track.

Peugeot also equipped this study model of the Boxer, which has already been ordered almost 750,000 times from the dealer, with four-wheel drive. Once arrived at the destination, the canoe can be lifted from the roof or the electric mountain bike, an eM02 FS Powertube from Peugeot, can be taken.

Relatively little has changed inside the Peugeot Boxer. Technically, three people can travel and live comfortably in the Boxer’s 4 × 4 Concept. It seems that it will remain with a concept, but we keep hoping for a permanent place in the showroom!

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