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The Griffe is a Masterpiece

“The Peugeot 205 1.9 GTI Griffe is a one-off special edition of the 205 GTI. The 205 Griffe was first presented at the Autosalon de Paris 1990. And in the Netherlands, the 205 Griffe was exclusively presented at the Auto RAI 1991. During the Auto RAI, the 20 pieces intended for the Dutch market were sold. Of these, only 19 pieces originally came on Dutch registration. There are several stories that circulate about the 20th copy, but the official statement from Peugeot Netherlands is that the 20th would never have been extradited by Peugeot France. ”

“The 205 Griffe is the most exclusive 205 GTI for me because it is equipped with all imaginable options that were then available on a 205 GTI. For example, the 205 Griffe has a full leather interior, ABS, power steering, central door locking with remote control, electric windows and a panoramic sliding roof. The 205 Griffe also has a special green paint, dark anthracite gray Speedline SL299 rims and special Griffe badges. You can immediately recognize a 205 Griffe.

On May 25, 2002 I bought my first 205 Griffe, a year later on May 24, 2003 my block completely went to pieces. I then had a completely overhauled engine block installed by someone from the 205 GTI Club. On May 2, 2004 I was with that Griffe on my way to a tour of the 205 GTI Club in Friesland. Until fate struck just past Sneek. After a shock reaction and an evasive maneuver for a crossing mother duck with her brood, I ended up in a slip. As a result, I drove head-on into the crash barrier. The Griffe was a total loss but luckily, miraculously, I had nothing at all. And all the ducks? Fortunately, they still swim in the water. ”

“Only now I had a very big problem, because 9 days later I would go to France with a group of the Peugeot GTI Club Netherlands and the 205 GTI Club together for the Peugeot 205 Memorial Run 2004. I then had an extra week’s leave. recorded with the aim of finding another 205 GTI. I searched the internet day and night for a nice and neat car. In 4 days time I then looked at 8 different 205-jes GTI and on May 6, 2004 at number 8 it hit the mark. I bought a new 205 Griffe that day, really great, how happy I was! Only I had only 5 days to run through the Griffe and prepare for the tour to France. The new Griffe has survived the journey well and I have had no problem with it. After the Peugeot 205 Memorial Run I started working with the Griffe again. ”

“My 205 Griffe is no longer original. In the crashed 205 Griffe was therefore still the completely overhauled engine block that I had only then driven a good 12,000 km. I then hung that engine with a friend of the 205 GTI Club in the new Griffe. Because we were busy at the time, we immediately renewed, changed and adjusted some other things. But even after that, I added a number of things to the already impressive equipment level of the Griffe.

“My Griffe is now equipped with an alarm with immobilizer (SCM-TNO Class 2) linked to the remote control of the central door lock, a” one-touch “option has been added to the operation of the electric windows, illuminated switches for the operation of the electric windows, a programmable interval relay for the wipers (front), an inside / outside temperature gauge, a set of headrests in the back (so 4 pieces in total), a new black rear shelf, a completely new set of chrome decorative strips in the bumpers and bumpers, a new windshield with a “baked-in” blue sun band (original Peugeot), an adjustable OMP strut bridge, a K&N 57i kit (open air filter) with custom made heat shield, a Remus spaghetti exhaust manifold (type 4-1), a flexible coupling piece (exhaust), a straight center pipe with a Cherry-bomb middle silencer, a Remus rear silencer 2x90mm round, a 2nd cooling fin (double fan – connected in parallel), a rear wiper of a Rena ult Clio (type I), two windshield wipers with “pressure wings”, a set of Airpress door windshields, the windscreen washer system of the Peugeot 405 (5 nozzles per wiper), a Victor sports steering wheel, a set of aluminum Jamex sports pedals, an original third brake light from a Citroën Saxo, a BMW E30 lower lip (front spoiler), a new type of logo incorporated in the grill (a chrome lion of the Peugeot 206), a short radio antenna of a Peugeot 106, an original 3-piece set of gray velor Peugeot 205 Gentry car mats and a PocketPC GPS navigation system. ”

The 205 Griffe has actually become a kind of addiction to me. I’m actually always working on it. Driving, DIY, cleaning: I enjoy it all. The 205 GTI Griffe is a future classic for me. ”

“In the Dutch Griffe brochure, my feeling for the Griffe is perfectly described:” The reward for consistently pursuing utmost perfection: the 205 GTI Griffe sets its own standards; a timeless design without compromise, which is why it has a unique character. In every detail, the 205 GTI Griffe reflects its character; a combination of the best in the field of technology and the highest degree of luxury. The result is much more than just functionality; it is pure perfection. A class that cannot really be captured in words; the 205 GTI Griffe is a true masterpiece. “

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