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Sander May’s 404 Coupé Injection

Growing up behind a Peugeot garage and on holiday to France, it’s easy to understand where Sander May’s love for Peugeot comes from.

“The first six years of my life I lived behind the Peugeot garage in Breezand where my father worked. The love for the brand was early and when I was eighteen I got my first car from France. Friends bought a Honda or a Golf, I a Peugeot 203 pick-up. Rotten from front to back with a crack in the block … I put another engine in it and still drove quite a bit. That is how I gained a lot of experience.

I like to copy parts in small series. The 203 has an iron under the side windows that often decays after 50 years. At the request of a French merchant I made a series, but he could not afford it. Maybe we could trade? In his yard I found this 404 Coupé. He had been outside for years and there were no papers. I have known the car for a long time, as a boy I made a photo series on vacation of a copy that was parked at a French lake. Brilliant and elegant.

A lot had to be done about the Coupé, but it was certainly not a hopeless project. The engine could not be saved anymore, but the carriage was not too bad. I really enjoy repairing and restoring, so I decided to restore the Coupé with my father.

Everything is scarce and expensive compared to a normal 404. Screens are no longer available. Much sheet metal has been repaired instead of replaced. A nice grille costs 1100 euros, so I made on of two bad ones. The paint job was done by the professional. Nine years after the exchange, I had a beautiful, well-driving Coupé!

On the road you notice that it is all a bit older. You have wind noise at speed and the wipers have a lot of rain. But such an engine with injection runs very nicely, you can keep up well and just drive 130 with it. A nice driving car packed in those Coupé lines, fantastic right?

Na mijn opleiding aan de Frederik Muller Academie ben ik jaren werkzaam geweest voor verschillende uitgeverijen zoals Elsevier en NRC Handelsblad. Daarvoor heb ik zelfstandig en met heel veel plezier het kwartaaltijdschrift Peugeot Expo Magazine uitgegeven. In mijn vrije tijd rijd ik graag in een Peugeot 403, ik Twitter graag over auto's en ik houd van hardlopen. Ik vind het leuk om mensen met elkaar te verbinden.

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