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Slightly different

Ferdinand Holtvluwer swears by a 309. As a child he enjoyed a 305 and a 405 in the back seat. He is now behind the wheel of a 309. A basic version and is very happy with it. He likes to share his passion for the 309 and explains why.

How did your passion for Peugeot and in particular for the 309 come about? “Before I was born, my parents had been driving Peugeot for years. I really grew up in French cars and in particular a Peugeot 305 GR Break from 1986 and a Peugeot 405 GRX from 1995. We went on holiday every year in style. French cars just add to the holiday feeling for me.

My first memory with a Peugeot is that I was allowed to steer on my brother’s lap in his 305. Furthermore, as a child I always found it very special that our 305 Break did not have a back seat but two separate seats! I have always remembered the comfort, the smell, the space and the elegant design of the Peugeots from my youth. The angry looking headlights of many Peugeot models and the chrome window frames have always fascinated me. It was therefore no surprise that my first car had to be a Peugeot.

The 309 has always appealed to me. The model is slightly different and in my opinion also more beautiful than a 205. The 309 is still a neglected child. Many people find the design of the 309 boring, but I think it is a very beautifully designed car. The 309 is rare, special and a little bit different. A unique model and a joy to own. ”

How did you find this 309? “I came across my 309 online at Autoscout in early 2018. It is a 309 GL Profil 1.4i from April 1992. This model is a phase II model, distinguishable from a phase I by the grille, the taillights and the trunk. When purchased, there were 117,000 kilometers on the clock, two years later this increased to 135,000 kilometers. The layer “base” over this car really appealed to me. I often find a basic version more special than a top version, in the case of the 309 a GTI. Also very nice, but I personally don’t like it that much.

The car is originally from Belgium and was imported to the Netherlands in 2016. I do not know to what extent the Belgian GL Profil version differs from the Dutch version. My 309 is in any case equipped with a normal carburettor – with choke and no catalytic converter. This has its advantages and disadvantages, but at least adds something to the exclusivity and charm of the car. ”

What appeals to you the most? “The combination of smooth and comfortable driving. The 309 accelerates smoothly and can easily keep up with traffic. It drives nice and quiet, shifts very pleasant and the seats are great. My oldest nephew thinks it is a wonderful chair to “chill” in. Driving a 309 is really no punishment!

The beauty of the Peugeots from that period is that they are elegant in their discreetness. Every version is beautiful, whether you have a cheap or an expensive model, it does not matter. The design remains beautiful. In addition, I find Peugeots from that period real cars. No more 1970s looks, but real solid cars with comfort and driving characteristics that no other brand can match.

Personally I also like the interiors of Peugeots from this period. In particular the amount of color combinations in the 80s, the 305 chrome door handles, the lovely chairs and the unmistakable scent in my 309 when it has been out in the sun! ”

What was the most fun trip with the 309? “Every trip with the 309 is fun, but if I have to choose one, it will be my last summer vacation. Of course I cleaned the 309 well in advance, loaded the trunk with a tent, air mattress, sleeping bag, chair, table ,. and I was on my way. I stayed in the Netherlands but here you can also make beautiful rides. I often went for a drive at night, opened the window, put on music, put on sunglasses and the beautiful sound of my 309 in the background. When it got too cold to sit outside I moved to the 309 and I could live the whole vacation out of the trunk. Ideal such a car! ”

What else do you want to say about your 309? “I think it is important to keep a car as original as possible, which I think adds to the charm of the car. I did provide my 309 with a parcel shelf with roller blind, because it looks so stylish. Of course I didn’t use the original parcel shelf for that, that would be a shame! The 309 is a car that you will love, even colleagues meanwhile describe my 309 as “fun”, “special” and – the most beautiful I have heard – “retro”. “

A basic version is more fun “As standard, the 309 came with a mirror in the right sun visor, laminated windshield, halogen main lighting, reversing light, rear fog light, child safety locks on the rear doors, rear window heating, a fuel cap opening from the inside.”

“From the GL and GL profil versions (GL stands for” Grand Luxe “), the 309 was delivered with a five-speed gearbox. As extras, the GL and GL Profil received a lighter, rear ashtrays, a handle on the front right, a quartz clock, a trip meter, an antenna, an interior mirror, adjustable from the inside, headrests and an extra storage compartment on the right front. You can unlock the doors of a GL Profil manually, something my cousins are surprised about! ”

“Furthermore, my 309 has wipers with interval, striping on the outside and chrome strips in the bumpers; options that according to the ‘Bonne Route’ of February 1986 are only available from the SR version. These options have probably also been applicable to the lower versions after the facelift.

The GL Profil differs from the GL in that it incorporates features of the Vera Profil prototype. This manifests itself in things such as a rear spoiler, a rear diffuser, special cooling air intakes, smooth hubcaps, the bottom plate under the engine that guides the wind, and extra rubbers to seal the front doors. The result is a CW value of 0.30.

“Recently I was able to buy back the Peugeot 405 that my parents used to own. I am still looking for some parts to get the 405 back in original condition. If anyone can help me, I would love to hear that too. ”

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