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Sleeping beauty

This Peugeot 163 was hidden in Lyon for over 70 years. Without anyone knowing, the car was completely forgotten and recently discovered by accident. Completely walled up in a building, the test of time found it difficult to grasp this sleeping beauty. News of the discovery also reached the Peugeot Museum in Sochaux and after more than 70 years, it adopted the car “dons son jus” for a place to shine in theeir collection.

Unsuspectingly, the construction workers had started to demolish the building. Suddenly they were confronted with a hidden space in which a vehicle stood. Closer inspection revealed that it was a Peugeot 163 Fourgonnette. Since 1945, when it was locked up, the car had been little affected by light and weather. This kept the car well preserved. Because the 163 was on wooden stands, the tires also remained in perfect condition. Only the cold of a harsh winter has cracked some of the side windows.

The newspaper Le progr├Ęs de Lyon of 12 December 1945 was found with the car and some petrol coupons that were still valid until 1947. Despite these clues, the reason why this particular car was hidden remains hidden in mystery. Probably they wanted to hide the car from the German occupier to prevent collection and it was completely forgotten for unclear reasons.

The only background information that could be added to this story came from the archive of L’Aventure Peugeot. The 163 Fourgonnette left the Baulieu factory on March 30, 1922 and was transported to Lyon before leaving the city for decades.

Eventually, the Fourgonnette was transported back to the Doubs to be included in the brand’s historical collection. There is no restoration yet. Now that the 163 Fourgonnette has just woken up to a deep sleep of 70 years, the ‘dans son jus’ can take a breather again in the museum.

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