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I can’t imagine there wouldn’t be 205 in my life

Anne Jan Offringa loves French cars. The Peugeot 205 has a special place in his heart. It all started in Paris, it was 1984 and Anne Jan first came face to face with the strong number that made his heart beat faster. Now, years later, his heart still beats for the 205. He currently drives an Gris Futura 205 D Turbo and his evergreen a Rouge Vallelunga 205 GTI.

How did your passion for Peugeot come about?

Anne Jan: “It’s actually a passion for French cars in general, partly inspired by my love for France, its culture, the landscapes, the people who live there, the food and drink and the French way of life. I particularly prefer the Peugeot and Citroën brands, besides the Peugeot I have driven various 2CVs, a Dyane and a DS for over 20 years. In 1984 I was in Paris for a long weekend, and saw Peugeot 205 driving everywhere there. I thought it was a great model and made a solemn commitment to drive such a 205 myself. My first 205 was a five-door GR in the color Bleu Cascade metallic, the LH24YR from August 1984. I covered more than 150,000 km without problems until I bought a new 205 Jubilée in November 1990, a white one. This was followed by a black 205 XS that I exchanged for a 306 in 1997. After that, the 205’s kept coming and going, often as a second car or pickle car for the winter. A.o. a rusty Lacoste, a blue-smelling XE and a delicious Generation. In 2014 I finally bought my childhood sweetheart, a red 1.9 GTI from 1991. I also drove a 1984 GT, which I have now replaced by a D Turbo. ”

How did you find this Peugeot 205 D Turbo?

“I was faced with a dilemma because I was going to drive more kilometers for my work. Both the GTI and the GT did not like brine, and the opportunity arose to exchange the GT for a D Turbo. It is an original Dutch delivered car, rare with 5 doors and in the color Gris Futura. According to the service booklet, the car was delivered new on October 14, 1991 by the importer in Utrecht. Furthermore, there are many stamps from Nefkens Eindhoven. The car has the standard version that was delivered at the time on the D Turbo, so the GT interior, black dashboard with 4 bells and coin tray, red striping all around, XS rims, bronze tinted glass and GTI under bumper with spotlights. No central locking and no electric windows. ”

A 205 diesel with 380,000 km on the clock … just run in or at the end of its rope?

“You can feel from the car that it is no longer new, but certainly not at the end of its tether. Before I got the car a lot was done about it. The trunk floor has been repaired, the complete front left front has been replaced and the engine has had a complete service. As far as we are concerned, this 205 still has some years ahead of it, first put the 4 tons on the counter, and that is no punishment with such a Turbo diesel. The car is really very fast on intermediate sprints, and at speed nice and low in the revs and little engine noise. Consumption so far is approximately 1:20 with a heavy foot, so with the standard 50 liter tank you are not always at the gas station.”

What was the most fun trip for you with the 205?

“In September 2019 we went with a group of 6 GTIs to the event for the 35-year 205 GTI in Sochaux. The event was at the Peugeot Museum L’Aventure Peugeot. It was a great road trip on back roads, through the Vosges, over all the mountains, culminating in the Ballon d’Alsace. On roads like this you can really enjoy the great driving characteristics of the 205 GTI to the fullest. ”

“Actually, I’ve been driving a Peugeot 205 for 35 years. I can’t imagine there wouldn’t be a 205 in my life. The design, the comfort, the handling, it just makes sense. A strong song for a reason! For several years I have been part of the board of the Peugeot 205-309 club. Fortunately, I experience there that there are still a lot of enthusiastic 205 riders who would like to share their passion with each other. ”

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