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Coupe’s at Concours d’Elegance

The traditional Concours d’Elégance Paleis Het Loo became the Concours d’Elégance Paleis Soestdijk in 2019. More than 13,000 visitors found their way to the palace garden, where Peugeot made an appearance with impressive classic and new coupes.

On August 24 and 25, the whole of oldtimer loving Netherlands went to Soesdijk for the annual Concours d’Elégance. Peugeot celebrated 100 years of coupes and gave the public an interesting glimpse into the rich past of La Marque and a look into the future with the E-Legend Concept. For the general public, this was a first introduction to E-Legend Concept, many of which design elements correspond to the 504 coupe.

The E-Legend Concept was surrounded by older coupes that have already more than earned their spurs in the field of design. Thanks to the Peugeot clubs, visitors could marvel at coupes such as the 404, 504, 304 and 406. In addition, there was a beautiful 601 and 203 coupé to admire. Rare collectibles that were also a first introduction for visitors.

In short, as a Peugeot enthusiast you would not have wanted to miss this. And that the Peugeot clubs were aware of this was proven in the parking lot of the event. There the classic Peugeot’s were parked rows thick, door handle to door handle.

And fortunately for everyone who missed it, we still have the photos!

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