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All 203 come together!

Robin Sabat became addicted to the 203. He bought one ‘dans sons jus’ and immediately went of on an adventure with it. Since then he became an ambassador for this model and therefore started a 203 register to get in touch with as many 203 owners as possible. Robin: “After purchasing my 203 in 2017, the Peugeot virus struck me completely. I was impressed of this classic car and everything around it. It tasted like more. The 203 was my first classic car ever and the test drive convinced me completely. It was love at first sight. The noise, the smell of the old dust, petrol fumes, the vibrations, the long hood with the mighty lion at the end…. I bought the car on the spot with 2 left hands and without thoroughly checking the technical condition or the bodywork and certainly no place to park the car. All of that was of later concern. But the 203 was just around the corner and adventures with a classic lion was waiting for me. ”

“One of the first things I did was join the Association Peugeot Hollande (APH), the club for Peugeot owners with a 403 or older types. A smart move because I met other 203 owners there to exchange experience and I could go to the warehouse for the parts supply and technical back-up. In the warehouse I bought an anniversary book from 1995 and once I got home I quickly got lost in all the stories it contained. ”

“The passion for the 203 continued to grow and my network with other 203 owners kept growing. That raised the question about the number of 203 owners thereare at all. And what can you do then? Set up a 203 registry and invite every 203 owner to come forward. How many are left, which adventures have you had? Enough ideas to start a registry. ”

Robin: “The purpose of this website is to create a library of Peugeot 203’s to collect these stories from all over the world. A site where owners can share information about their 203 and some history or other technical information they consider relevant. ”

“In addition to the country, type 203 and year of construction and at least one photo, registrars determine how much information they share. Nothing is mandatory, but the more information the more fun. Think of specific details, a fun adventure, a restoration or a special history. ”

So if you have a Peugeot 203, or do you know someone with a 203, please contact us via the registration form on the website: or visit the Instagram page @ peugeot_203_library

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