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New logo for l’Aventure Peugeot

As of April 28, 2021, l’Aventure Peugeot has a new logo, in which the Peugeot coat of arms has a prominent place. With this, l’Aventure Peugeot is in line with the new corporate identity of the brand, which Peugeot presented on February 25th.

The new logo is a striking link between the Peugeot brand and the Association l’Aventure Peugeot. It is also a nod to Peugeot’s heritage, in France and worldwide. The logo shows character with the lion’s head “en profil” and is an emphatic reference to the feline elegance and identity of the cars. The logo radiates pride, strength and status without being aggressive.

The coat of arms is a trust-inspiring, timeless element, faithful to the history of the brand. It began in 1810, the year in which the PEUGEOT Frères Aînés company was officially founded. Over two centuries, the Peugeot family has developed and grown the company – from the fashion revolution of the 19th century, with the steel hoops in the crinolines, to the mobility revolution with bicycles and cars. The Peugeot brand was formed by creative people, engineers and designers with a creative spirit, who have thought and worked outside the box for more than two hundred years, setting new standards for mobility. It is thanks to these men and women that the Peugeot brand has continuously reinvented itself, has grown stronger over the years and is looking to the future with confidence.

Peugeot Citroën DS works together with and for members and all enthusiasts. To meet the expectations and needs of collectors and enthusiasts, the Association itself develops documentation, maintenance and restoration services for the old models in the workshops in Sochaux (Doubs, France) and in the Paris region. The Association also offers parts for classic and young cars – both original and remanufactured to original specifications. The parts can be viewed and obtained via the websites and

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