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Frits Schür honored in a 204 convertible

On November 27, 1898, the A.S.C. Olympia was founded, an Amsterdam cycling association that would leave its mark on Dutch cycling in the course of the 20th century. She not only produced numerous world champions, but also quickly distinguished herself as the organizer of major cycling races. After a few one-day races, it was decided to go for a stage race throughout the Netherlands: the Olympia’s Tour. Its first edition took place in 1909. Due to the First and Second World Wars, Olympia’s Tour was not held annually.

Frits Schür

After a break of 28 years, the thread was picked up again in 1955 with a new edition of the Olympia’s Tour. Among the Dutch final winners of Olympia’s Tour are many men who could look forward to a later and successful cycling career, such as: Henk Nijdam, Frits Schür, Cees Priem, Fedor den Hertog, Leo van Vliet, Arie Hassink, Gerrit Solleveld, John Talen, Servais Knaven, Danny Nelissen, Matthé Pronk, Joost Posthuma, Thomas Dekker, Lars Boom and Dylan van Baarle.

In the photo we see cyclist Frits Schür nicknamed De Lip. He was honored on 15 May 1970 in his hometown of Hoogezand, sitting in a Peugeot 204 with fiancé Janny Harms.

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