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New perspective

Félicien Michaut has a collection of 1:43 scale model cars. His model cars are not just in a display case, but are also part of a decor in which the real world and the modeling world merge. Artistically, Parisian Félicien photographs his model cars in a composition that immediately stimulates your imagination. He shows his creations on his Facebook page FrenchCarsToys. In daily life he works in the Louvre.

Félicien’s photos make you want to go back in time. The colorful photos take you into a mix of the past and present. In addition to the traditional setups, there are also many striking combinations to be found. A 1:43 model car is easy to carry. With a camera and a model car it is possible to work anywhere and that makes practicing his hobby extra exciting. Like the shoot with a 403 Cabriolet and the Mona Lisa in the Louvre.

Félicien: “Since horses gave way to cars, a lot has changed in our streetscape. It is not so much the technology that attracts me in cars, but especially the status of ‘holy cow’. In France, cars like the Citroën 2CV, the Renault 4, or the Peugeot 205 have made motoring accessible to many families.”

“I shoot a lot in the Paris area. There are so many special objects where I can indulge myself with my models and photography. Moreover, more than 100 years ago, Paris was pretty much the ‘Silicon Valley’ of the automotive industry. Of the hundreds of brands then, only three are left. Because of my hobby I can often be found outside, busy photographing. I often look at photos of the street scene from 130 to 70 years ago. I like to let that atmosphere and composition return in my creations. Then I like to add the world of 1:43 model cars to 1:1 objects. This is how I create new perspective. I also like to make special combinations. When you see my photos, you suddenly think, huh, what about now? I now have over 25,000 followers on Facebook and it’s super nice to see so many people enjoying it. The likes and comments from my followers are a great recognition of my work.”

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