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A memory passed on

A photo from the past from Ger Hendriks’ collection: “My wife was a friend with the daughter of the Van Kessel-van den Eijnden couple. I brought Mrs. Van Kessel-van den Eijnden home after a birthday party with her daughter. She knew. that I was a Peugeot collector. On the way she said: “We also had a Peugeot. So one with the headlights behind the grill. Come by in the morning, because I still have a picture of it. You can have it.” I was happy with the photo and I still have it.

She also said that they bought the Peugeot 402 new in 1935 from Van den Boogaard in Nijmegen. At the time, that was one of the importers in the Netherlands, next to Nefkens. The 402 was used as a taxi here in Gemert. The car with this number plate is prominently featured in this photo from 1936. It was taken on the occasion of the departure of “Sister Johanna” to the monastery. The man right next to the Peugeot 402 and owner was Mr. Van Kessel. “

Ger Hendriks in and

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